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Negligently hiring a truck driver is a possibly deadly mistake made by some trucking companies. An unqualified driver trucking accident is all the more tragic because these crashes can be avoided if all trucking companies followed the federal rules and regulations and hired competent drivers and then trained them to handle a semi tractor-trailer properly. This kind of company negligence is inexcusable and demands justice.

At The Law Offices of Gretchen Myers, P.C., located in St. Louis, Missouri, we are here to fight for our clients who have been injured or lost a loved one resulting from an unqualified driver truck accident or semi tractor-trailer accident. Contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation or call (314) 621-5454. We accept all cases on a contingency fee basis, and do not charge a fee unless we reach a favorable settlement or obtain a jury award on your behalf and collect.

When hiring neglect occurs, the trucking company is not doing what is required by the federal regulations in evaluating a potential driver before hiring him or her. An applicant may have a bad driving record, multiple previous accidents, health issues, problems from previous employment, a drug or alcohol issue or other safety violations in his or her record that would make the person an undesirable employee. For example, if a driver already has a record for reckless driving and has been fired for his or her actions, another trucking company should not give that driver the opportunity to drive this ultra-dangerous vehicle so it can harm other people. The company is required to keep a file evidencing that it has thoroughly checked the driver out before putting him or her behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler semi tractor-trailer.

Often times, this type of information is not properly documented in an trucker's employment file, which is required by federal law. This file is supposed to be complete when hiring a new employee and kept current during his or her time with the company. This information can play a valuable role in evaluating whether someone is fit for the job or should continue this vocation. This information can also help prove liability on the part of an employer when an accident occurs and it can be shown that the company did not properly investigate their employees and should have been aware of deficiencies. An experienced lawyer knows this and will put the company on its heels by thoroughly discovering what the company knew at the time of hire. Attorney Gretchen Myers can expose these failings and use this to help build a case for fair and appropriate compensation.

Failure to properly train a driver is another source of company negligence in the trucking industry. Driving a semi tractor trailer, sometimes with two fully loaded trailers (often called B-doubles or road trains), requires great skill, experience and training to stay safely on the road and not harm other drivers. New drivers need to be given extensive training to safely handle such a large, powerful piece of machinery as well as when to identify that maintenance is needed. However, trucking companies may neglect or even refuse to spend the time, money and effort required to properly train its new drivers or retrain those who need it. This can put hazardous, inexperienced drivers on the road who jeopardize the lives of everyone around them. Your injuries can come as a direct result of these actions, and Gretchen is skilled at exposing how a company's conduct may have led to your inexperienced driver negligence accident.

In this economy, many people seek out truck driving jobs because the job pays well and there is always a demand since trucking is still a primary means by which many goods are shipped in this country. However, companies still have a duty to hire qualified applicants and train them appropriately. When an unqualified driver truck accident occurs, we will help you take a stand and make sure the company pays for their irresponsible behavior. Know that you do not have to face this company alone. We will stand by your side and meet them head on. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation so we can help you when a trucking company has acted negligently.

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