Verdicts & Settlements

Below Are Just Some Of The Verdicts/Settlements That We Have Attained For Our Clients:

At The Law Offices of Gretchen Myers we handle our client cases with the utmost confidentiality. For this reason, client and case names in this list of representative cases successfully handled by our firm have been omitted to protect their privacy. Some of these cases have received press coverage and therefore more information may be found from those sources.

We caution you in reviewing this list that past results reported here are no guarantee of future results. We handle each case individually. Each case is different with its own set of facts and circumstances, and no two injuries affect an individual in the exact same manner. Every case in this office is judged on its own merits.

$11 million dollar judgment on behalf of a school teacher hit by a semi tractor-trailer resulting in brain damage

$1 million dollar policy limits settlement on behalf of a 20 year old young woman hit by a drunk driver resulting in multiple fractures

$8 Million dollar settlement for a young boy rendered paraplegic in a collision with a truck.

$1.1+ million dollar verdict for the death of a retired 63 year old man due to the medical negligence of his treating physician.

$6 Million dollar settlement arising out of a semi tractor-trailer jack-knife

$500,000.00 dollar judgment for faulty equipment causing a young man to fall off of a scaffolding and break his ankle.

$475,000.00 dollar verdict for the wrongful death of a 71 year old woman due to the medically negligent reading of a CT scan.

$3.2 million dollar settlement for the wrongful death of 38 year old man hit by a wheel that came off of a semi tractor-trailer.

$2.1 million dollar settlement for medical negligence leading to the partial loss of an infant's arm.

$275,600.00 dollar verdict, amounting to $351,665.60 after pre-judgment interest, for a slip and fall on ice resulting in the leg fracture of an unemployed 61 year old man.

$450,000.00 dollar settlement of an auto collision for a baby who was in utero at the time of the collision who, after birth experienced seizures one week after birth which later subsided and stopped.

$86,041.65 dollar verdict for a motorcyclist against Missouri Department of Transportation for the poor maintenance of weeds and bushes by the highway causing an accident which resulted in fractures to the driver's leg.

$295,800.00 dollar settlement for the delayed diagnosis of throat cancer by a dentist who should have referred his patient to another doctor.

$67,000.00 dollar verdict for a 30 year old woman who was side swiped by a semi tractor-trailer resulting in soft tissue neck injuries.

$250,000.00 dollar settlement for a elderly pedestrian hit in an intersection resulting in a fracture to his leg.

$500,000.00 dollar settlement for a failed lasik surgery.

$222,000.00 dollar settlement for the fall in a hospital of an elderly woman.

$2.5 million dollar settlement for a 30 year old woman hit by a semi tractor trailer resulting in multiple fractures.

$428,469.07 dollar judgment against an insurance company and its agent for negligent misrepresentation.

$1 million dollar settlement against school districts for a teacher's sexual abuse of a teenager.

$1.2 million dollar settlement for the emergency room misdiagnosis of a woman having a stroke.

$700,000.00 dollar settlement for the failure to timely diagnose a condition resulting in the death of a young adult male with no spouse or children.

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