Client Testimonials

"It is our pleasure to express our sincere gratitude to a wonderful and most courageous lady and attorney, Mrs. Gretchen Myers. Many years have come and gone since our first encounter. She never waivered in her dedication to this case. Mrs. Myers is the “picturesque” of the Rock of Gibraltar. She is so strong and caring. Her work ethics goes far and beyond the call of duty; therefore, it is with her dynamics and efficiencies that every avenue she took produced unforgettable results. We will be forever “indebted” to her for being unique to her calling as an attorney and being a compassionate individual, who always put her clients first. Our hats are off to Mrs. Gretchen Myers and her staff for a glorious job well done."
Eternally grateful!

-Anonymous (this client who was injured when hit by a semi tractor trailer wishes to remain anonymous due to a confidentiality agreement signed with the defendant)

"Gretchen Myers was my lawyer when I was 16 years old until my medical malpractice case was finally settled when I was 27. I met with other lawyers before choosing Gretchen, but she was the only one who asked me how I felt and truly cared about me and what I was going through. She is like family and I will always be grateful for what she has done for me. Gretchen Myers and her staff were always a phone call away, not only for me but also for my parents. She always kept us informed and up to date on everything that was going on with my case. Gretchen Myers is very caring, professional, and fights hard for her clients. I highly recommend her."

-Joan Baker-McAlister

"Gretchen Myers is highly professional yet down to earth. She has a large knowledge base and understanding of the law, and she has extreme integrity."

-Laura Raup

"It's obvious from working with Gretchen that she has an amazing amount of experience. The knowledge of her field is impeccable and matched by her ability to make you feel protected as her client."

-M. Favazza

"Gretchen Myers is pro-active with a calming demeanor in her approach to any case. She is in constant communication and able to dissect every aspect within the case. No stone is left unturned. She is able to speak in layman's terms to those seeking counsel, while also preparing them for potential outcomes. She is very well-liked and highly regarded within the legal community. Gretchen has a presence and air of confidence about her that is reassuring, especially during the most difficult times in the legal process. Her expertise in Personal Injury is reflected by the continued success in each of her cases. She fights for fairness. "

-Vicki Brown

"The Law Offices of Gretchen Myers were referred to me by Phillip Prewitt, a lawyer that my husband knew in school. After talking with Ms. Myers, I am grateful for the reference. She was sympathetic to my situation, and understood when I wanted to settle out of court."

-Anonymous (Client/Plaintiff hit by a semi tractor trailer, signed a confidentiality agreement)

"Gretchen is extraordinarily knowledgeable in her field and very aggressively represents the best interests of her clients. She is not intimidated and has a very high moral code."


"I just wanted to thank you and show my appreciation for all that you have done for me and my case. It has been a long 10 plus years and now it has finally come to an end. I thank you for all your hard work and determination, I will never forget all that you have done for me and my family. Thank you for caring about me and my feelings and treating me like you've known me my entire life . It's really nice to have an attorney and their staff who care so much about their clients. I am so grateful for all that you and your staff have done and I wish you all the best of luck in your future cases. You are a wonderful attorney and there are no words that could express my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Joan Baker McAlister

"Ms. Myers is passionate about seeing that justice is served. She is conscientious, creative, detailed oriented and extremely professional. She will fight, and fight hard, for your rights. She is diligent in viewing all cases from each and every possible angle, ensuring her clients the best outcome available."

-Rhonda Richter

"I have known Ms. Myers since 1996. She has been a very thorough and caring attorney. I'd recommend her to anyone, and I have. She knows her business and the law. Thanks a million! "

-Beverly A. Jones

"In March of 2005 I was involved in an automobile accident with a semi-tractor trailer. After notifying my insurance company I was advised to retain a lawyer. A classmate of my husband's introduced us to Gretchen Myers. I explained to Gretchen everything I could remember about the accident and she agreed to handle my personal injury case. Gretchen is very forthcoming, passionate and ready to work hard for you, no matter what the circumstances. Against Gretchen's advice we settled out of court. Throughout the years Gretchen and her staff were very caring, keeping in touch and just to talk. She is a very hard working lawyer and her staff are just as hard working. If anyone else were involved in this type of legal matter, I would highly recommend Gretchen and her staff. Thank you."

-Anna M. Gay

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