Overloaded Trucks/Unsecured Loads

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Truckers who properly secure their load are taking important precautions to ensure the load —whether it is logs, lumber, building materials, hay, food products or countless other items transported across our nation — remains on the truck. When a load dumps off, or causes a tractor trailer to tip over, serious injury and death can occur. The Law Offices of Gretchen Myers, P.C. provides experienced legal help to people who have been injured in truck collisions caused by overloaded trucks and unsecured loads.

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Full Analysis of the Cause of the Truck Accident

In her analysis of the accident investigation, Gretchen performs discovery on every part of the trucker's journey prior to the accident. She begins by reviewing the driver's log entries prior to the accident. She reviews maintenance records for repairs and problems over the months leading to the accident. She scrutinizes the events occurring on the day of the accident — Who loaded the truck on the morning of the accident? Was there a load? Are there any receipts for reentrants? Do gas station times correspond to times on driver's log?

Loads can shift on turns and on exit ramps. Trailers can tip over. Unsecured loads can topple off the trailer and onto the road, hitting cars and causing accidents. As an experienced trial attorney, Gretchen knows about how these accidents occur. She knows trucking regulations, and knows that they are frequently overlooked for the sake of time and money.

Gretchen prepares your case as if it will go to trial. By doing so, she can obtain maximum compensation for your losses.

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