Truck Accident Investigations

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Following a car versus truck collision, several entities will engage in an accident investigation. Out of these findings should emerge the at-fault party, any violations that occurred and the cause of the truck accident. However, government investigations do not always uncover the truth.

The Law Offices of Gretchen Myers, P.C. analyzes the facts obtain in those investigations and conducts it own independent study of those facts, while gathering additional evidence to uncover the truth of what happened. Armed with this evidence, we seek maximum compensation for truck accident victims.

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Types of Truck Accident Investigations

As an accomplished trial lawyer, Gretchen is highly experienced in sifting through the various types of accident investigations to identify negligent parties and work toward securing favorable settlements and verdicts for my injured clients. Many of her clients have sustained catastrophic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Others have lost close family members, and the resolution of their wrongful death claim depends on an independent interpretation of the investigation.

  • Trucking company internal investigation: Trucking companies immediately deploy teams of people to be on the accident scene. Truckers usually call the trucking company's dispatch before calling 911. Generally, a trucking company employee reaches the scene of the truck accident prior to police arrival.
  • Highway patrol or local police investigation: Local law enforcement is generally looking for information regarding the truck and trailer. They obtain Department of Transportation (DOT) numbers and follow through with any suspicions of drug or alcohol use. If necessary, the trucker will be arrested for DUI. If the accident resulted in a fatality, they will block the highway, take pictures, perform a full accident reconstruction and obtain witness statements.
  • DOT investigation: DOT investigation will occur when a serious violation of a trucking regulation has been reported.

Through discovery, IGretchen reviews all police reports highway patrol investigations and DOT findings. She employs her own team of experts — such as accident reconstructionists, regulatory experts, black box experts and mechanical engineers — whenever necessary. This is a highly technical and complicated part of her work that requires attention to detail and thorough knowledge of trucking regulations.

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